FFXIV Gil Reviews

The Ultimate Guide to FFXIV Gil

The Ultimate Guide to ffxiv gil is a comprehensive resource for anyone looking to make as much Gil as possible while playing the game. You will learn about Class quests, Allagan Pieces, Ventures, Queuing as a Healer, and more. Whether you’re a new player or an experienced player, this guide is an essential tool.

Class quests

If you want to make tons of Gil in FFXIV, your best bet is to level your classes and then turn a huge profit on items you’ve collected. One of the best combinations for an offensive class is the Weaver, who can turn Banemintes’ dropping items into Undyed Velveteen or Dew Yarn, which are both 100% profitable. In addition, the Miner is an excellent addition, as he can also assist you in farming lightning shards.

Another good method for earning ff14 gil is to craft furniture and other housing items. This is an important method because players who have homes spend a lot of Gil on decorating. For crafting housing items, a Carpenter is the best choice, because this class has the highest housing recipes available. In addition to crafting, players can sell these items on the market board.

Allagan Pieces

Many quests offer additional rewards, such as Allagan Pieces. These pieces can then be sold for Gil. The amount of Gil you receive from these items increases as the quality of metal is increased. This is a great way to make money in the game, but this technique is not recommended for everyone. It requires a high level crafter or gatherer class to make it work.

Gathering classes harvest materials from the world of Eorzea. Gathering classes are also known as Disciples of the Land, and they are the best option for making Gil in FFXIV 6.2. Among them, Miner, Botanist, and Fisher are the best choices for gathering. Remember that you can’t guarantee how much you will be able to gather, so be sure to carefully plan your gathering activities.


There are various ways to obtain Gil in Final Fantasy XIV. The PVP Bank is a great place to buy ffxiv gil. You can also purchase Venture tokens. However, you must have a certain amount of seals to buy the tokens. Moreover, you can only buy two retainers at a time.

While making Gil in Final Fantasy XIV is fun, it should be done efficiently, just like in real-world currency production. The key to this is to focus on tasks that are more valuable, and to delegate those tasks to capable players. One of the best ways to earn Gil is to use the retainer venture system. Using this method can earn you passive Gil without any effort, and it’s also a great way to earn Gil from a variety of different sources. In some cases, you can get up to 350,000 Gil in just an hour of work.

To get started in gaining Venture currency, you must be a level 17 or higher to be able to engage in these activities. There are many types of Ventures in FFXIV, and you can get them by completing three-level-equivalent quests in 3 major cities.

Queuing as a Tank/Healer

Queuing as a tank or healer is a good choice if you want to minimize the time it takes to complete dungeons and quests. While tanking isn’t as fast as DPS, it will save you time, as your job focuses on anticipating damage and raising players. While tanking can be intimidating for new players, most players are friendly and patient. However, if you don’t have a lot of experience in the role, you might encounter players with bad attitudes. Queuing as a tank or heal will also save you a lot of time, as you’ll be able to avoid most of the bad attitude players.

A tank/healer is a great option for saving time, as you will be able to get the “In Need” Bonus more frequently, and your queue time will be shorter. Another benefit of tanking is that you’ll also be able to socialize while queuing with friends, which can also increase your Fun Factor. You can even queue as a tank or healer with friends, since this will make you more social and decrease the amount of time it takes to complete a mission.

Crafting materials

If you’re trying to make lots of Gil in the game, you’ll need to buy crafting materials. These materials are available on the Market Board. You can also buy them with Cracked Clusters, which you can exchange for Materia ranks VII and VIII. You can find a vendor in either Eulmore or Crystarium.

Some crafters are lazy and don’t want to gather materials for crafting. Fortunately, you can sell your materials to other players for Gil on the Market Board. Some materials are in high demand, such as wood. You can also use Gatherer classes to sell materials to other crafters. These classes can make you a lot of Gil and will help you to earn more Gil faster.

Another great way to make Gil is to complete Challenge Logs. These are relatively easy to do and require little effort. You’ll earn Gil almost by accident! Some challenges include running random dungeons, giving player commendations, and completing x FATES with the highest rating. These are supplemental sources of Gil, and you should try to complete them as many times as you can each week.